Levels 4 – 10

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2022 State Championships

Level 3

Griffin – 2nd Rings, PBars, High Bar, 4th Floor, 3rd All Around

Deklan – 2nd Vault, 4th PBars


Level 4 – 3rd Place Team

BenSTATE CHAMPION High Bar, 3rd Pommel, 5th PBars, 6th Vault, 4th All Around

RiverSTATE CHAMPION Floor, Rings & All Around, 2nd PBars, High Bar, 3rd Pommel, 4th Vault

ChaseSTATE CHAMPION Floor, High Bar, PBars, 3rd Rings, 2nd All Around


Level 5 – 3rd Place Team

LoganSTATE CHAMPION Floor, Vault, 2nd PBars, 4th High Bar, 5th Rings, 3rd All Around

Beckett – 2nd High Bar, 3rd Rings, 6th PBars, 6th All Around



Level 9

Casey – 3rd High Bar, 4th All Around


Saginaw Meet – December 2021

Level 3 (8 yr olds)

Griffin – 2nd AA – 1st Rings – 1st Pbars – 3rd High Bar – 4th Floor – 4th Pommel – 4th Vault

Deklan – 7th AA – 2nd High Bars

     Level 4 (6-9 yr olds)

Benjamin – 2nd AA – 2nd Rings – 2nd Pbars – 2nd High Bar – 3rd Floor

     Level 4 (11+)

River – 1st AA – 1st Floor – 1st Rings – 1st Pbars – 2nd High Bar

Chase – 2nd AA – 1st High Bar – 2nd Pommel – 2nd Pbars – 3rd Floor – 4th Rings

Level 5 (11+)  **3rd Place Team**

Logan – 3rd AA – 1st Vault – 1st High Bar – 2nd Floor – 2nd Rings

Beckett – 5th AA – 1st Pommel – 5th Floor – 5th High Bar

Charlie – 4th Floor – 4th High Bar

Level 6 (10+)

Owen – 3rd AA – 2nd High Bar – 3rd Vault

Level 9 (15 +)

Casey – 2nd AA – 1st Pommel – 1st Vault – 1st High Bar – 2nd Floor – 3rd Rings

Friends of Achievers Meet

Our boys team had a great meet this past weekend! We are so proud of every one of them!! 👏🏼💪🏼💙
Level 9
Casey (13+)
2nd🥈AA, 1st🥇Pommel, 1st🥇Rings, 1st🥇Vault, 5th🏅High Bar
Level 6
Owen (8+)
4th🏅AA, 3rd🥉Pommel, 3rd🥉High Bar, 4th🏅Vault, 5th Rings, 5th Pbars
Level 5 – 2nd Place Team 🥈
Logan (11yr)
1st🥇AA, 1st🥇Floor, 1st🥇Vault, 1st🥇Pbars, 3rd🥉Rings, 3rd🥉High Bar, 4th🏅Pommel
Beckett (11yr)
3rd🥉AA, 1st🥇Pommel, 2nd🥈Rings, 3rd🥉Floor, 5th🏅High Bar
Charlie (12yr)
5th🏅AA, 1st🥇Pommel, 4th🏅Floor, 5th Rings, 5th Vault
Level 4 – 2nd Place Team 🥈
Ben (8-9 yr)
2nd🥈AA, 1st🥇Pbars, 2nd🥈Rings, 2nd🥈High Bar, 2nd🥈Pommel, 3rd🥉Floor, 4th🏅Vault
River (12+)
1st🥇AA, 1st🥇Floor, 1st🥇Pommel, 1st🥇Pbars, 1st🥇High Bar, 2nd🥈Rings, 3rd🥉Vault
Chase (12+)
4th🏅AA, 2nd🥈Pommel, 3rd🥉Floor, 3rd🥉High Bar, 5th🏅Rings, 6th🏅Vault
Level 3
Griffin (8yr)
1st🥇AA, 1st🥇Floor, 1st🥇Pommel, 1st🥇Pbars, 2nd🥈Rings, 2nd🥈High Bar, 5th🏅Vault
Deklan (8yr)
4th🏅AA, 1st🥇Rings, 4th🏅Pommel, 4th🏅Pbars, 4th🏅High Bar