Play Wisely

"Play Wisely has developed a unique approach that integrates motor and cognitive development and helps children achieve optimal development. Early childhood development, in particular those years before a child has formal schooling, is all to often forgotten and left to great peril. Play Wisely focuses on these crucial years and is helping to transform the field." -Dr Eugene Galanter

Why Play Wisely?

  • Play Wisely has done the research for you and provides the right activities, at the right time, in the proper progression
  • Experts agree early age-appropriate stimulation is critical to your child’s brain development
  • The quality of experiences your child receives in the early years actually changes the structure of your child’s brain
  • Jump start your child’s natural learning and movement ability priming essential school readiness skills
  • Building brain and body confidence enhances future academic and athletic potential
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Babies 1
4 to 8 months - Turn on and Tune in
Babies 2
8 to 12 months - Nurture Nature
Toddler 1
12 to 18 months - First Words, First Steps
Toddler 2
18 to 26 months - Know and Go Skills
Toddler 3
27 to 36 months - Expanding Horizons
3 to 5 Year Program
School Readiness (private lessons only)

Play Wisely Classes

Play Together! Classes are 30 minutes of action packed fun, designed to optimize each child's natural learning and movement ability.

Contact Information

For more information or to register for classes, please contact Misti Kester.