Gymnastics Coaches

The coaches at United Elite offer a caring and nurturing environment while encouraging each athlete to reach their full potential. We believe in developing a student both physically and emotionally. Each of our athletes will build self-confidence through our staff’s positive reinforcement.

Coach Igor Carvalho
  • Bachelors and Masters of Science in Physical Science and Accounting
  • 30 years experience coaching competitive gymnastics and national and state championships
  • 2007 American Challenge Champion – US Challenge 3rd Place Finisher
  • 2006 Two US Challenge Athletes finished Top 13
  • 2005 USA Finalist, US Classic Top 10 Finalist, Level 10 Senior National Team Champion, Level 9 Regional and Western National Qualifiers
  • USAG Member

Igor Carvalho

Co-Owner, Team Coach

Coach Denise Hedges
  • Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications from Midwestern State University
  • Former Head Girls Gymnastics Coach at Rockwall High School
  • 2012 Girls Gymnastics State Champions
  • 2011 Girls Gymnastics State Champions
  • Over 20 years coaching experience in competitive gymnastics
  • Has coached many National, State and Regional qualifiers
  • Was a competitive gymnast in DFW area from 1980-1987
  • USAG Member

Denise Hedges

Co-Owner, Business Administration

Coach Michael Moore

Michael Moore

Co-Owner Ninja Kids

Coach Carey Smith

Carey Smith

Girls TAAF Team Director/Coach

Coach Gisela Nelson

Gisela Nelson

Girls TAAF Team Coach

Coach Jennifer Morris

Jennifer Morris

USAG Team Coach

Coach Kennan Jackson
  • 17 Years coaching gymnastics
  • Rockwall alumni gymnast
  • Coached at Bela Kyroli gymnastics camp
  • Boys head coach at Utley Middle School
  • National champion for best jumps and tumbling in cheer
  • I strive to be a positive influence in my students’ lives

Kennan Jackson

Girls Gymnastics & Tumbling

Coach Kara Perez

Kara Perez

Girls TAAF Team Coach, Recreational Gymnastics Director

Coach Lyn Sheffler

Lyn Sheffler

Trampoline & Tumbling, Girls Gymnastics & Tumbling

Coach Maria Garcia
  • 20 years experience coaching girls gymnastics

Maria Garcia

USAG Team Coach

Coach Chanie Greer
  • 7 years as a competitive gymnast
  • 4 years experience Team coach Levels 1-9
  • A member of NAWGJ (National Association of Womens Gymnastics Judges), NTGP

Chanie Greer

USAG Compulsory Team Director/Coach

Coach Laura Arce

Laura Arce

Girls TAAF Team Coach

Coach Alyssa Ramos

Alyssa Ramos

Girls Gymnastics & Tumbling Coach

Coach Amy Logan
  • Started coaching level 5 and up girls at Trevino's in 1993
  • Coached at YMCA gymnastics in Wichita Falls 1994
  • Opened cheer gym in Oklahoma and ran classes and competitive cheer teams 1995-1998 with a brief break then return in 2002
  • Coaches All Star teams for Airborne Cheer in Midlothian 2003-2005
  • Ran my own choreography company in the doing routines both in US and England 2004-2010
  • Took a break from choreography and coaching with a back injury to work on screenwriting career and produce several films.
  • United Elite office manager, preschool coach, boys coach and team coach (2015-current)

Amy Logan

USAG Team Coach, Front Office Manager

Coach Blayre Weaver

Blayre Weaver

Girls Gymnastics & Tumbling, Preschool Coach

Coach Cameron Callaway

Cameron Callaway

Girls TAAF Team Coach

Coach Bailey Carlson

Bailey Carlson

Ninja Kids, Gymnastics Coach

Coach Blake Kaminski

Blake Kaminski

Boys Gymnastics & Tumbling

Coach Emily Pounds

Emily Pounds

Girls TAAF Team Coach

Coach Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson

Boys Gymnastics & Tumbling

Coach Kennedy Shelton

Kennedy Shelton

Preschool & Girls Gymnastics

Coach Mikayla Ludwig

Mikayla Ludwig

Preschool & Girls Gymnastics

Coach Hallie Harrod

Hallie Harrod

Preschool & Girls Gymnastics Sub

Coach Jennifer Panchalk

Jennifer Panchalk

Front Desk Staff

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