Gymnastics & All Star Cheer Coaches

The coaches at United Elite offer a caring and nurturing environment while encouraging each athlete to reach their full potential. We believe in developing a student both physically and emotionally. Each of our athletes will build self-confidence through our staff's positive reinforcement.

Coach Igor Carvalho
  • Bachelors and Masters of Science in Physical Science and Accounting
  • 30 years experience coaching competitive gymnastics and national and state championships
  • 2007 American Challenge Champion – US Challenge 3rd Place Finisher
  • 2006 Two US Challenge Athletes finished Top 13
  • 2005 USA Finalist, US Classic Top 10 Finalist, Level 10 Senior National Team Champion, Level 9 Regional and Western National Qualifiers
  • USAG Member

Igor Carvalho

Co-Owner, Team Coach

Coach Denise Hedges
  • Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications from Midwestern State University
  • Former Head Girls Gymnastics Coach at Rockwall High School
  • 2012 Girls Gymnastics State Champions
  • 2011 Girls Gymnastics State Champions
  • Over 20 years coaching experience in competitive gymnastics
  • Has coached many National, State and Regional qualifiers
  • Was a competitive gymnast in DFW area from 1980-1987
  • USAG Member

Denise Hedges

Co-Owner, Business Administration

Coach Michael Moore

Michael Moore

Co-Owner Ninja Kids

Coach Carol Wigley
  • 30+ Years coaching experience

Carol Wigley

Cheer Program Director

Coach Eddie Frantom
  • 18+ Years coaching experience
  • Won multiple NCA National titles on competitive cheer team
  • Two time All Star American

Eddie Frantom

All Star Cheer Director/Coach

Coach Chris Adlof

Chris Adlof

Boys Gymnastics Director

Coach Carey Smith

Carey Smith

Girls TAAF Team Director/Coach

Coach Gisela Nelson

Gisela Nelson

Girls TAAF Team Coach

Coach Jennifer Morris

Jennifer Morris

USAG Team Coach

Coach Kennan Jackson
  • 17 Years coaching gymnastics
  • Rockwall alumni gymnast
  • Coached at Bela Kyroli gymnastics camp
  • Boys head coach at Utley Middle School
  • National champion for best jumps and tumbling in cheer
  • I strive to be a positive influence in my studentsí lives

Kennan Jackson

Girls Gymnastics & Tumbling

Coach Kayla Brewer

Kayla Brewer

Cheer Coach

Coach Amber Dunn

Amber Dunn

Cheer Coach

Coach Blake Dunn

Blake Dunn

Cheer Coach

Coach Robert Bailey

Robert Bailey

Cheer Coach

Coach Emily Panchalk

Emily Panchalk

Cheer Coach

Coach Katie Panchalk

Katie Panchalk

Cheer Coach

Coach Anyse Carpenter

Anyse Carpenter

Girls Gymnastics & Tumbling, Preschool

Coach Gillian Rupert

Gillian Rupert

Girls Gymnastics & Tumbling, Preschool

Coach Kara Perez

Kara Perez

Girls TAAF Team Coach, Recreational Gymnastics Director

Coach Lyn Sheffler

Lyn Sheffler

Trampoline & Tumbling, Girls Gymnastics & Tumbling

Coach Maria Garcia
  • 20 years experience coaching girls gymnastics

Maria Garcia

USAG Team Coach

Coach Kelsey Hobden

Kelsey Hobden

Cheer Coach, Girls Gymnastics & Tumbling, Preschool

Coach Holly Sapp

Holly Sapp

Girls Gymnastics & Tumbling, Preschool

Coach Zach Wood

Zach Wood

Boys Gymnastics & Tumbling

Coach Chanie Greer
  • 7 years as a competitive gymnast
  • 4 years experience Team coach Levels 1-9
  • A member of NAWGJ (National Association of Womens Gymnastics Judges), NTGP

Chanie Greer

USAG Compulsory Team Director/Coach

Coach Laura Arce

Laura Arce

Girls TAAF Team Coach

Coach Jared Alvarado

Jared Alvarado

Boys Gymnastics & Tumbling

Coach Amy Logan
  • Started coaching level 5 and up girls at Trevino's in 1993
  • Coached at YMCA gymnastics in Wichita Falls 1994
  • Opened cheer gym in Oklahoma and ran classes and competitive cheer teams 1995-1998 with a brief break then return in 2002
  • Coaches All Star teams for Airborne Cheer in Midlothian 2003-2005
  • Ran my own choreography company in the doing routines both in US and England 2004-2010
  • Took a break from choreography and coaching with a back injury to work on screenwriting career and produce several films.
  • United Elite office manager, preschool coach, boys coach and team coach (2015-current)

Amy Logan

USAG Team Coach, Front Office Manager

Coach Emily Pounds

Emily Pounds

Girls TAAF Team Coach

Coach Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson

Boys Gymnastics & Tumbling

Coach Alexis Spicer

Alexis Spicer

TAAF Team Assistant Coach

Coach Maddie Broshous

Maddie Broshous

TAAF Team Assistant Coach

Coach Jennifer Panchalk

Jennifer Panchalk

Front Desk Staff

If you are highly motivated, hardworking, passionate about gymnastics coaching and want to join our team