New Safety & Health Guidelines for UE Effective May 18, 2020


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Important Changes due to Covid 19

In order to meet the 25% capacity recommendation and to mitigate any possible spread of any and all viruses the following guidelines will be followed for the foreseeable future.



  1. Parent Viewing area is closed (with the exception of preschool parents) until further notice due to capacity limits. The viewing area will apply the social distancing rule of 6 feet.
  2. Only one parent per child allowed in the facility upon drop off and pick up. We are asking that athletes be dropped off no earlier than 10 minutes before class and please be prompt when picking up your child.
  3. Each athlete must bring one small bag to hold their limited items (ex: shoes, water bottle, hand sanitizer, cover up clothing etc.) and place in designated class cubbies. No sharing of cubbies or personal items will be allowed.
  4. Separate entrance and exit locations. Big Gym:  You and your child will enter through the lobby and exit through the ninja gym.  Cheer Gym:  You and your child will enter through the glass cheer door and exit through the back cheer gym to futsol area.  Signs within the facility will direct traffic flow and please notice the markers on the floor while waiting.  Upon pick up, please wait in the hall next to the ninja back door (gymnastics side) or futsol gym (cheer side) as athletes will be released to their parents.
  5. Water fountain will be closed until further notice. All athletes must bring their own full water bottle.
  6. All vending machines will be closed until further notice.
  7. Athletes temperature will be taken before class begins by our office staff. Any child’s temperature 99.7 or above will not be able to attend class that day (athlete can schedule a makeup for a later date).
  8. Every athlete will be required to apply hand sanitizer before and after class.
  9. Face masks and/or gloves are optional to use during class (for safety reasons, we do not recommend an athlete using gloves on bars). If gloves are used they must be a clean pair before class starts and must be thrown away before leaving the facility to avoid any cross contamination.
  10. Office contact will only be through email, phone call or parent portal at this time. Email:, 214-771-3458 (Enrollment Changes, Payments, Make Ups)



  1. Staff will be required to wash/sanitize hands before and after each class.
  2. No spotting will be administered during an instructional lesson for the month of May. Coaches are to guide/instruct students by verbal commands only until June 1.
  3. Coaches have the option to wear masks and/or gloves but it is not required at this time.
  4. Coaches are required to sanitize all contact surfaces before and after each class.
  5. Coaches will do their best to ensure that all athletes will stay at a 6 foot distance from one another at all times. Tape and/or Velcro floor markers will be provided for established distancing.
  6. Coaches will line up students at the exit (ninja gym holding area) using the floor markers for space-distancing.



*Athletes may use the restroom during their class if needed.


*Cubbies have now been placed in designated locations for specific groups (rec classes by the gray floor, preschool in the preschool gym, team by the gym entrance) to better serve our athletes and keep cross contamination to a minimum.  Cubbies will be sanitized hourly (rec and preschool classes).


*Lobby, bathrooms and common areas will be sanitized hourly.


*We strongly encourage your child to bring their own hand sanitizer.


The safety of our athlete’s families and staff is our number one priority.  We will continue to monitor guidance from state and local government officials regarding Covid 19. 


Thank you for your continued support through this unprecedented time in history!

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