Lasting Adventures

There are many adventures that will come and go in our children’s lives.  Our adventure here at United Elite Gymnastics is one that will affect my children forever.  In the short time my children have been with the coaches at United Elite they have learned so much.  Their gymnastics skills are improving every class, but this “surprisingly” is not what has caught my attention and trust.

I have noticed a drive and dedication from my children that has been dormant until now.  Confidence is growing, patience and motivation are emerging, and smiles are glowing.  They are both older and are trying all of this for the first time.  I worried that they are older and just starting this adventure that it might be twice the challenge; and it is.  The difference is that they are welcoming the challenge!  This is because of the things they are learning from the coaches.  The coaches are authoritative when authority is needed.  They are encouraging when courage is misplaced and they connect with the kids on a higher level.  So, I though I know my kids are learning gymnastics at a faster pace than I ever thought possible, I also know that all of the other things they are building on here will stay with them forever.  It is a wonderful thing that they are doing here at United Elite.  Not only are they turning out super Elite gymnasts, but they are building and creating winners in every aspect.

My sincerest appreciation to all of the staff and coaches at United Elite for what you are doing and the gifts you are giving!